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Writ, or the blog. This is where written articles find their home. I hope you like reading, and hope you enjoy reading these. If you don't enjoy reading, I mightn't be the person to sway your mind. Maybe try a book or two first.

I've split my writ into a multitude of sections, or categories, for easier perusal.

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Software development updates and stories of interest to techies. See all devlog (3 total).

How Did I Do

How I did a variety of things. Tutorials. See all How Did I Do (2 total).

Sensible Ramblings

Opinion pieces on a variety of topics: Computing and Privacy, Self-Ownership. See all Sensible Ramblings (7 total).


Reviews and analysis of the themes present in various media. See all Thranlysis (2 total).


Assorted anecdotes and tales of events. See all Yarns (3 total).

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