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Bitter Coin

pointing finger devlog >> Sun 17 October 2021 by Thran

Bitcoin Begins

My knowledge of Bitcoin begins in 2016, I'm on the internet and come across this thing called 'Bitcoin' mentioned on one of the techie forums I then frequented. I think, 'oh, a decentralised Internet money, that sounds fascinating!' so then I look up how I might acquire some of my own. I get confused with these 'wallets' and think giving bank details to an 'exchange' sounds dodgy. So the same day I leave it aside and forget the name. It was just the day's online curiosity.

Bitcoin Returns

Come 2018, I read of Bitcoin again and see how it has been rising and dipping. It was at £8k, then dipped to roughly £2.5k. I think, 'perhaps I can ride this tide'. I purchase a humble £50 at £2.5k and sell it next week at £6k-or-so, feeling content with myself that I've doubled my money. That's enough risk now, right? It's all going to crash!

The Dark Coin Rises

Then it's 2020, I am finally in the market for a serious job in programming. I've also become much more economically aware. I have heard many well in the know extolling the long-term virtues of a limited deflationary currency. I'm also much more technically adept and begin studying the underlying technology that powers the blockchain. I'm not just a convert, but a full-fledged radical.

But I don't start getting paid at my first 'proper' job until November 2020. This is after the Biden presidency began, which caused the fiat value of BTC to skyrocket. I've not yet the money to spare on it. I remember watching the price for months before that wage slip dropped. And then I get paid after that big hike to £38k.

So many missed opportunities. It hits harder than all the female candidates for 'the one that got away'.

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