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Screenshot Showcase for August 2021

pointing finger devlog >> Wed 04 August 2021 by Thran

Desktop (Orcrist)

  • OS: Void Linux
  • WM: Fluxbox
  • Browser: Firefox 90 (!)
  • Terminal: Alacritty
  • System: Custom built AMD Ryzen 5 3600
  • Background image: here.
  • Graphic equalizer: Xava.

Featuring WM Dockapps in the slit. These are: wmtime, wmcube, WMmp, wmbubble (the duck), wmnd, wmfsm.

These dockapps are long out of vogue, but they add a touch of flair to the desktop. They also provide useful visual feedback of the current system load. Best of all is the 'duckapp' where the water level rises proportionaly to the memory usage. This encourages ethical use of system resources, for no one wants to drown a duck.

Fluxbox desktop

Cool Blue Void in Space

Laptop (thinklad)

  • OS: Debian 10 (Buster)
  • DE: KDE Plasma 5
  • Terminal: Konsole
  • System: Thinkpad T450

Featuring Gkrellm, which is essentially the same as the dockapps but all-in-one. Since I'd already installed Debian and KDE, I figured I would complete my laziness by installing this in place of many individual dockapps.

The gkrellm theme, or 'skin' as they are called, is named 'black'. All the skins for gkrellm are available here. This also has a 'duckapp', which bringeth much joy.

KDE laptop

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