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Announcing RSRU R1.0

pointing finger devlog >> Tue 03 August 2021 by Thran >> Last updated 2022-05-07 R1.0 has now been released to the world.

NOTE: This is an old release. See the details for the latest release here: RSRU R3 Details.

What is

Simple static HTML page generator written in Perl. Intended for the sole task of generating my RSRU section, but may have broader usage potential.

What does RSRU mean?

Really Small, Really Useful. It's the name of a section on my website which lists software matching the criteria of being really small and really useful.

What does do?

RSRU will read each text file (called an 'entry') in the entries/ directory. It will build an internal key-value store of all the data. Then from this data will produce a number of web pages.

Each entry will belong to a category. Each category will appear as tab-style HTML pages. So for each, you get a category page with all the entries listed on the page.


  • Customisable templates
  • Customisable field names and category names
  • Easy config in separate file
  • Resizable mobile layout in the default theme


Once you have added all your entries, run ./ and it will get busy weaving your pages. By default, these will be written to ./output/.

NICE: The homepage will link to your 5 most recent entries, if at least 5 have been added.

Any entries with the value 'yes' for is_highlight: will be added to the 'Highlights' section on the homepage.


  • Perl, at least version 5.10 and List::Util present. This should be available in the standard library of most recent Perls.
  • Anything that runs Perl. The author has tested only on Linux. Some I/O features should probably use File; for better Windows support.


RSRU Screenshot

RSRU R1 showing sample output


GET IT (old version)

Download R1.0 or Visit Github repository.


See all my software at Thransoft.

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