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WMW Lives!

pointing finger devlog >> Sat 28 August 2021 by Thran

The first website powered by Thransoft RSRU has been launched.

Some history & the rationale

Whilst I originally wrote the script to power a website that lists lightweight software utilities (which I call Really Small, Really Useful, or RSRU), I don't have the same interest in these as I did when I began writing the script. So I tweaked the template to list artistic, strange and eccentric websites I've scoured from my many years exploring the web. These are the sites that make being online worthwhile, rather than the dreary hinterland of Social Media.

This new section has been named WMW, standing for Well Made Web. It's also something of an in-joke, because sounds like when said aloud. Hopefully that minimises the site's spread and thus bandwidth cost.

Where may I find WMW?

The link is at the top of every page on the Thranpages blog. It is also here: Happy hunting.

How often will you update WMW?

As often as I find something worthy. I've a backlog of pages that fit the criteria. I also have a few likely sources that I can scour for new entries. It should be enough to build a reasonably-complete catalogue.

May I submit someting to WMW?

I'd like to take submissions. Once I find a secure (read, spam-free) method of allowing contact I will accept submissions.

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