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Screenshot Showcase for November 2021

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Personal systems

My personal desktops have remained the same since the last showcase, see them here:

August 2021 Screenshot Showcase.

As JJ Cale sang: Aint no change in the weather, aint no changes in me.

Work Laptop

Yes, it is Windows. It is what the market dictates. It has taken me some time to settle back into MS-land.

After much striving, I've tailored the system to be as palatable to my Unixisms as possible (read my tips here). I used Group Policy to bludgeon the appalling telemetry into dust. Additionally, I've installed Classic Shell to make the start menu usable again.

Windows desktop


  • Windows Terminal
  • Winamp 5.8 - Not for nostalgia, but purely for the aesthetics
  • Gvim 8.2
  • DesktopInfo32 - A Windows system status monitor that is shown on the desktop. Like Conky on *nix.
  • Roger Dean background

I've installed most of what I'd consider Windows classics & essentials (not shown above):

  • IrfanView - graphics viewer and quick editor, lightning-fast
  • SumatraPDF - Very light nonense-free PDF reader
  • 7zip - Extracts anything (but WinRAR or WinZip are the real classics)
  • WordWeb - dictionary
  • Notepad2 - Notepad but with syntax highlighting

PineBook Pro

Armbian Xfce

I've since sold the PBP, but here is its last screenshot.


  • Xfce4 Desktop
  • Xfce Terminal
  • Gkrellm

Why bother with customisation?

Because it satisfies in me what interior design does in others.

I also believe how one arranges his desktop reveals much about his personality. Yes, I instantly judge entire personalities from this one fact.

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