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A customary welcome

You've stumbled upon the Thranpages; home of particular variety and curiosity.

The homepage may be dead to most, but I'm on a singular mission to bring it back!

A customary caution

Please Note: This website is under heavy construction so please do not distribute. The style is yet to be finalised. Some paths may break.
NB: The style isn't yet suited for mobile users.

Please read the Site Updates to stay up to date with the site's progress.

Below are some opinion pieces that I've written. They aren't finished themselves but they serve as samples to develop the article page template.

All that is new:

Below is a chronological list of the latest additions to this website.

  • Windows 10 Made Me A Linux User

    Fri 01 November 2019.

    I've used ever major Windows version from 98 until 10. Windows 10 was the first version of Windows that felt like I had to fight the computer just to get it to do my bidding.

  • Bring back the homepage

    Fri 11 October 2019.

    Social media isn't a home.

  • New Reddit - A lesson in forgetting yourself.

    Fri 04 October 2019.

    Old reddit was a frugal, practical design that naturally suited its purpose. Why pull the old house down and build something unrecognisable in its place?