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About Thran

This question fills me with the same existential dread as mandatory personal introductions at work, or online dating profiles. Without disclosing too much, I'll give a brief bio.

Short description

Programmer & Linux User. I wish I was a Perl hacker. Failed guitarist. Enjoy odd music and visionary film. Striving to make the Web personal again.

Compulsively curious to know what underlies things, to understand what makes them alike. I believe this drives my choice of programming languages, operating systems, and artistic tastes.

Contact Me

Write me letters@ <THIS DOMAIN>.uk. Emails are welcome but replies aren't promised.

Workably-good websites

Woeful Websites

  • Facesbook
  • Medium
  • New Reddit
  • Any page that takes >100Kb to load (excepting images)
  • Sites with intrusive cookie notifications
  • Websites that require javascript just to display text
  • Anything to do with tracking, profiling and advertising (beyond text links)

Langugages I mostly like

  • C
  • C#
  • Perl
  • Erlang
  • Rust (Though I'm wary of including it in the kernel)
  • Lisp
  • HTML
  • Shell
  • English

Praiseworthy OSS Projects


Buttons & Stickers. Coming someday.