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Site Updates

WMW launched

WMW is a section of the Thranpages where I share any obdurate, artistic, or otherwise distinguised web pages I've encountered whilst online.

Visit it at WMW.

I've also disclosed a contact email on the about me page.

THRAN 28/08/2021

More fixes

Fixed Open Graph stuff and added a larger site image for the opengraph 'cards', or whatever Facesbook calls them. Also fixed meta tags for descriptions so the search indexers are less confused over which parts of my site are actual content.

Images on articles now scale better for mobile screens. Also set homepage and writ top page to no-cache in browsers, meaning that when visited they will always report the latest entries. Previously the browser cached this page, thus it looked like I wasn't busy.

THRAN 09/08/2021

Added about me page

In case anyone was curious. Probably still won't answer your questions.

THRAN 15/07/2021

Leaps ahead, soon to be read.

Vast work done to the Pelican templates. We now have many more pages working as they should. Categories, tags, some restructuring of filepaths. Renamed heading sections. Colour scheme went lights out to save on the light bill.

Pelican is so wildly hacky (in a good sense). There were some seriously questionable implementation decisions made by me, but I now have it throwing out pages in a manner keeping with my wishes. It's hardy code that can survive such abuse! Final step is to add some more images, fix the CSS to make articles more readable. And most dreaded of all: mobile support.

Update: These are now done. We have mobile support. We have better colour and text layout. We have image support. Looks well now. I declare the work finished.

THRAN 03/07/2021

Links fixed, article templates improved

Article pages weren't linking back to the homepage properly. This has now been fixed. Articles now display the author, date and date of last update. Subdomains have been restored on the old, unsecured server. So Thransoft and The Holding are available again!

THRAN 25/01/2020.

Upload to new server, SSL!

Thranpages is migrating to a new server. This one actually supports SSL, meaning connections are encrypted. All websites have been strongly encouraged to use SSL since at least 2013. I thought it was almost time that I should catch up.

For the meantime, all subdomains are unavailable. This includes Thransoft.

THRAN 18/01/2020.