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Technical Info

Construction Tools

This website was originally built using the Vim text editor on a Debian GNU/Linux computer system. It is presently maintained using the same editor but on a Macintosh system.

Running costs

This website costs £3.50/month to pay the running costs. Given that's all the overhead, there is absolutely no reason to introduce adverts or any other means of payment. The cost is covered simply out of the delight of putting words online.

Site Development Updates

There's bound to be at least one person who is curious to know what efforts have been put into this website and how often these efforts are exerted. This person may read the site update log here.

Web Technologies

This website features valid HTML5 and CSS3. This means it is guaranteed to display correctly in all web browsers compiant with the official W3C standards.

Thranpages is rendered by Pelican and the template is written in Jinja (like Django).

To translate that sentence into English, on my computer there is an ‘engine’ which takes blank template files and fills in the blanks with writing from articles that I've written. The ‘engine’ can use any of the metadata I have added to the articles to tweak the appearance of the pages. This allows me to publish new articles and have the engine update the entire website with ease. It saves the effort of editing a website by hand and ensures that the URLs and page styles are always consistent.

This method that I chose is known as a ‘static website’. In contrast, other websites might use technologies such as PHP and WordPress to run a ‘dynamic webstie’ where requests from your web browser are executed live on remote web server. While being easier maintained than static websites, these websites require much more system resources to run and are open to security holes. This is because a PHP interperer must fill in the template by looking up a database to serve EVERY request. For a simple website, that is too much work and too much risk. A static website serves my needs perfectly; all I want to share is writing, images and links with minimal fuss.

Like the style? This site uses a hand-made template for Pelican. The source code is currently not available. Improvement is always underway.

Privacy Pledge

This site uses NO cookies, NO advertising, NO trackers and features MINIMAL JavaScript. It is not a requirement to have JS enabled when perusing this site.


This site is ‘designed to last’.

Thranpages is a pioneer of 'Mobile-Last Design'. We're proud to stand out from the crowd!

That is to say, mobile users eventually will be considered. Though the proprietor is a desktop user through and through, he reluctantly accepts that mobile users exist and so he eventually will build a layout for their needs. (This is now done, you're welcome).