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Announcing RSRU R3

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Thransoft is a catalogue site generator written in Perl. R3 has now been released. Rejoice!

This is the script I use to build my Well Made Web (WMW) gallery.

R3 (04/04/2022)

Bugs fixed:

  • Category bar now displays properly on mobile
  • Table styling improved
  • Navbar back links were broken
  • Odd/even category pages weren't paginated properly
  • RSS max entries wasn't enforced
  • The category wasn't shown in RSS feeds
  • Vast improvements to softcat theme
  • Other layout glitches

Features added:

  • Command line switches to show version, show help, change config file, change output dir, force rebuild site, force production mode
  • Thumbnail support
  • Image processing to convert JPG to PNG
  • New paths using each category name as a sub directory
  • Total contents of each category may be shown on its page
  • Template files may avail of a common template directory, to reduce duplication
  • Highlighted entries have special CSS applied
  • Images may be skipped for conversion if they already exist
  • Homepage has a configurable max number of highlights
  • Sample config files and entries for each theme
  • Extensive user documentation covering installation, templating and everyday use

Note There have been changes to the config files and template names. This means that RSRU R2 config files aren't fully compatible with R3. To see the changes, do a diff on the two config file versions.

R3.1 (07/05/2022)

Release 3.1 is a minor patch. It adds two new templates: Blandblog and NewNews. This means RSRU can now build a fake news website or a generic blog.

Otherwise, releases 3.1 and 3.0 are identical.

Screenshot of RSRU R3 - linkcat theme

RSRU Release 3 Screenshot

Screenshot of RSRU R3.1 - blandblog theme

RSRU Release 3.1 Screenshot blandblog theme

Report - Plans for R3

In the release announcement for R2 I made a few plans for R3. All these plans for R3 were implemented.

Plans for R4

  • Deterministic path names so URLs will be more permanent
  • New styles: Photoblog, Blog, QuoteDb, News

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