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  • Fine times with the PineTime >> Sat 13 November 2021 [hdid]

    The PineTime smartwatch. Should you get one, and if you do, how do you first make it work with your smartphone? Read here for answers to both.

  • Girls and Boys by Blur >> Sat 06 November 2021 [tanl]

    This is the opening track from the Parklife album. It is more than a mere dance piece.

  • Potatodom and Potatoism >> Sat 23 October 2021 [tales]

    A parody of an unnamed cultic group, this is the founding myth of a potato religion from 2016. Here is a study of the tenets and history of the sects.

  • Bitter Coin >> Sun 17 October 2021 [devlog]

    The woes of near-misses, as told by the blockchain.

  • Opening the Armoury >> Wed 06 October 2021 [yarn]

    A story from my university days of a run-in with the head of IT.

  • Fireside in the Shire >> Sun 26 September 2021 [tanl]

    Sharing some things that were noticed when reading the opening scenes of the Fellowship of the Ring.

  • Peculiar Sightings of Birds, Part I >> Sat 25 September 2021 [yarn]

    There are few creatures quite as industrious as the bird. A few of their deeds are shared here.

  • The Road by Bilbo Baggins >> Sun 05 September 2021 [tanl]

    It is too tempting to rush through the lines of verse in these books. Yet I find even this one provoking.

  • Facial Phrases >> Sat 04 September 2021 [tanl]

    Here are some facial phrases found through my literary (and televised) travels.

  • WMW Lives! >> Sat 28 August 2021 [devlog]

    There is now a new section of the site: WMW, or Well Made Web. See it at!

  • Belfast Transport Snub >> Thu 26 August 2021 [sr]

    Railway buildings have been a steady decline since the end of World War II. This has culminated with Belfast's Weaver's Cross, or as it should be called, Weaver's Loss.

  • Remote work isn't remotely working for me >> Mon 09 August 2021 [sr]

    I had this vision that working from home would be bliss. Just me sitting in the room with nothing but the code. No distractions, no worries. Nothing would sidetrack the engineer from his proud handiwork. This wasn't to be so.

  • xdg-mime, a short guide >> Fri 06 August 2021 [hdid]

    On Linux, xdg-open and xdg-mime configure the default applications for opening file types. This guide introduces their use.

  • Slaying Rainbows >> Thu 05 August 2021 [yarn]

    While on a walk, I looked inside an abandoned building. There I sighted a reminder of my past musical taste.

  • Screenshot Showcase for August 2021 >> Wed 04 August 2021 [devlog]

    Assorted screenshots of Linux desktops from August 2021.

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