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  • The Final Version of Windows, Ever >> Fri 01 November 2019 [sr]

    Microsoft have called Windows 10 'the final version of Windows ever.' It's the final version for me too. I've used ever major Windows version from 98 until 10. With Windows 10 I have to fight the computer just to get it to do my bidding.

  • How do I remove the Pictures screensaver from Xubuntu? >> Sun 20 October 2019 [hdid]

    When shuffling on random, there is no easy way to remove the 'Pictures' slideshow from the list of screensavers in xfce-screensaver. Still, I found the answer.

  • Bring back the homepage >> Fri 11 October 2019 [sr]

    Social media isn't a home.

  • New Reddit should be shredded >> Fri 04 October 2019 [sr]

    Old reddit was a frugal, practical design that naturally suited its purpose. Why pull the old house down and build something unrecognisable in its place?

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