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You've stumbled upon the Thranpages; home of idiosyncratic variety and curiosity.

The personal website may be dead to most, but I'm on a singular mission to bring it back.

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All that is new:

  • The music of Guided by Voices - An Analysis >> Sun 17 April 2022 [tanl]

    A profile for this band who've never been able to break into the big lane; that's a good thing. There's an understated brilliance to their work. It isn't for everyone, but those who understand will be converted at the first listen.

  • Proxy Avoidance >> Tue 12 April 2022 [yarn]

    How I circumvented the content filtering during my schooldays, only then to have my humble solution itself circumvented.

  • Father Perl >> Fri 08 April 2022 [devlog]

    Here is a replacement for the metasyntactic variables (foo, bar, baz) inspired by 90s sitcom Father Ted. To persuade you it is then demonstrated it in Perl.

  • Announcing RSRU R3 >> Mon 04 April 2022 [devlog]

    Everyone's favourite Perl static website builder marks its third release. Many thrilling new features await.

  • Sighting Seagulls >> Tue 22 March 2022 [yarn]

    An evening was well spent with the famed Finnish bluegrass group Steve 'n' Seagulls.

  • Musings on Meekness >> Sun 13 March 2022 [sr]

    Some thoughts on meekness. Is it pacifism or something better?

  • A Socially Isolated Message >> Mon 06 December 2021 [yarn]

    What for me will be the most enduring image of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • WintoLin: Making Windows more like Linux >> Wed 01 December 2021 [hdid]

    Commercial demands mean sometimes one must return to Windows, here are some ways to bring over some of what you might miss from Linux.

  • Screenshot Showcase for November 2021 >> Tue 30 November 2021 [devlog]

    How is my desktop? November 2021.

  • The Belligerent Bin >> Mon 29 November 2021 [yarn]

    You should always view a property before moving, but no-one says to check the bins.

  • Announcing RSRU R2 >> Sun 28 November 2021 [devlog] has reached its second release.

  • Fine times with the PineTime >> Sat 13 November 2021 [hdid]

    The PineTime smartwatch. Should you get one, and if you do, how do you first make it work with your smartphone? Read here for answers to both.

  • Girls and Boys by Blur >> Sat 06 November 2021 [tanl]

    This is the opening track from the Parklife album. It is more than a mere dance piece.

  • Potatodom and Potatoism >> Sat 23 October 2021 [tales]

    A parody of an unnamed cultic group, this is the founding myth of a potato religion from 2016. Here is a study of the tenets and history of the sects.

  • Bitter Coin >> Sun 17 October 2021 [devlog]

    The woes of near-misses, as told by the blockchain.

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