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A customary welcome

You've stumbled upon the Thranpages; home of idiosyncratic variety and curiosity.

The personal website may be dead to most, but I'm on a singular mission to bring it back.

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  • Doctrinal Descent: A brief criticism of Christianity [Old Paths Part 2] >> Sat 13 April 2024 [sr]

    After an absence from the Church, some criticisms have arisen against the Christian religion. Does the experience of a believer match the promises and claims of the Bible? Is the Bible the most valid explanation for these experiences? These questions are explored in this article.

  • Rescamming: The story of >> Sat 02 March 2024 [devlog]

    A naughty script delivers payback to some Facebook scammers. A story featuring Perl, great justice and many copypastas.

  • Lessons from the Mistakes of Youth >> Sat 30 December 2023 [sr]

    Closing the year, some lessons I wish I could share with my younger self. Featuring loose references to Greek and English philosophers.

  • Retreading the old paths: Ascending The Hill [Old Paths Part 1] >> Sat 09 December 2023 [sr]

    Praising the positive side of the Christian religion, drawn mostly from personal experience and reflections upon the same. What do we lose when we forego God?

  • Detweeted: Spammers do not deserve rights >> Wed 25 October 2023 [yarn]

    Suspended from Twitter for speaking my mind to cryptocurrency scammers.

  • Farewell, live well >> Mon 09 October 2023 [sr]

    The new Sainsbury's slogan is dishonest and condescending.

  • Pavement in Galway, 2023 >> Sun 03 September 2023 [yarn]

    Visiting Galway and a report from the Pavement concert on the 24th July 2023 at the Galway International Arts Festival.

  • Announcing No-WEI! >> Thu 17 August 2023 [devlog]

    The Web Environment Integrity proposal from Google is a serious threat to user choice and privacy on the Web; it must be stopped. Add this banner to your website that informs Google chrome users of the dangers and urges them to switch to a browser that better respects the open web.

  • The Lion and the Fox, or the travails of mobile browsing and privacy >> Sun 30 July 2023 [sr]

    Why isn't it possible to browse the mobile Internet while maintaining our dignity?

  • When A King Is Crowned >> Sat 01 July 2023 [yarn]

    A solemn occasion is sullied by children's entertainers, only for the new King to have his revenge.

  • Eleven conversational habits that need a full stop >> Sat 28 January 2023 [sr]

    These habits of spoken English need their farewells said.

  • ATMenace >> Thu 24 November 2022 [yarn]

    An attempt to retrieve my bank balance did not go to plan.

  • Scott Pilgrim vs Thranalysis >> Sat 30 July 2022 [tanl]

    This film is much more moving than you might expect, so here is an examination of how Scott Pilgrim vs the World can rock the soul. You might come to this film for the well-crafted visuals, or simply because you saw it on a 'must-see cult film list'. But beyond the humour, the visuals and the boy-is-besotted-with-girl plot there are some clever insights.

  • Surmounting Donard >> Sat 16 July 2022 [yarn]

    My first incursion into the Mournes.

  • The music of Guided by Voices - An Analysis >> Sun 17 April 2022 [tanl]

    A profile for this band who've never been able to break into the big lane; that's a good thing. There's an understated brilliance to their work. It isn't for everyone, but those who understand will be converted at the first listen.

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