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Links to many places. Chosen for many reasons. More at Well Made Web.

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  • Maddox - A man who is right about everything.
  • jwz - A man who created Xemacs, Netscape and Xscreensaver. Now he shares random images and runs a nightclub. Interesting assortment.
  • Gnucitizen - Cybersecurity blogger. Low-fi site.

Blog Aggregators, search engines

Almost like we have webrings again.

  • Refined Blog - Lots of independent blogs to be found here.
  • Wiby - Search engine for the classic web. No bloat, no corporate drivel or SEOspam.


  • b3ta - British imageboard and meme source. Online since forever.
  • Newgrounds - Repository of original animations and music. Many old flash animations have been preserved and are playable in HTML5 browsers - Repository of original animations and music. Many old flash animations have been preserved and are playable in HTML5 browsers.



  • Hacker News - A well-curated forum and link sharing page.

Programming Languages

  • Modern Perl Book - The best way to learn Perl I've found. Explains the whats, and crucially the whys of Perl.

Free Software Projects

Operating Systems

  • Serenity OS - Ambitious and bustling project to create a new Unix OS with a tightly-integrated 90s style desktop. In other words, what I would consider computing perfection.
  • Haiku OS - Alternative OS, reimplementation of BeOS. Boots on modern hardware and has many programs available; some original and many ports.
  • {Open,Net}BSD - The continuation of old Unix, still chugging along very well. They have unique strengths compared to Linux. OpenBSD is growing on me.
  • Debian GNU/Linux - What I use when I want laziness or stability.
  • Void GNU/Linux - What I use when I don't.


  • Fluxbox - My window manager of choice.
  • Suckless - Lightweight window manager and terminal emulator written in very small and efficient C.
  • Alacritty - Multiplatform GPU accelerated terminal emulator.
  • KDE - Tightly integrated and highly customisable *nix desktop environment.
  • Gemini - Lightweight hypertext alternative to the WWW.
  • Blender - 3D sculptor and animation tool.
  • SDL - Seamless cross-platform graphics, sound and input library written in C.
  • Pelican - The static blog maker that makes Thranpages. Excellent docs.


  • Pine64 - Purveyors of ARM-hardware, aiming to be as open as possible. They've built a SBC, laptop, phone, smartwatch, and many other things. Hardware hacker's paradise.

GNU/Linux and Unix references

  • The Linux Documentation Project - Old site but full of useful tidbits, HOWTO guides, details of Linux internals.
  • Arch Wiki - A go-to source for most Linux conundrums. Arch Linux focused but applicable to other distros.

MS Windows References

  • NT Internals - Under the Win32 subsystem there exists the lowest level of the NTAPI. This is how one speaks straight to the heart of Windows, yet it is undocumented and not meant for mortal men to know.
  • The Forger's Win32 Tutorial - Comprehensive getting started guide to Win32 programming. How to make GUIs and access the Windows API at the lowest level Microsoft intends. How I would program Windows for pleasure, if Windows wasn't so awful nowadays.

News Sources

  • Slashdot - Considered 'Web 1.0' but still a useful digest of stories from the computing world.
  • The Register - "Biting the hand that feeds tech", British news source on all things IT.
  • Ars Technica - Generally high-quality coverage and longform articles on all things tech.
  • Phoronix - Original news covering the latest developments in many open source projects, such as Linux.

Philosophy and Polemics

Privacy and Freedom

  • Big Brother Watch - Organisation who contend for privacy online. Also active at fighting surveillance in the UK.
  • Open Rights Group - Another organisation that advocates privacy and freedom for British netizens.
  • Electronic Frontiers Foundation - Similar to the two above orgs, this one is the original. Founded in the USA during 1990.
  • Techdirt - Excellent blog site covering Internet freedom and state surveillance. US focused but gives adequate coverage to the UK too.

Culture and Arts

  • The Movie Database - Independent alternative to IMDB for film recommendations and reviews.
  • The TV Database - As above but for TV series.
  • Rate Your Music - Reviews and recommendations for music albums. Well-categorised, so when you delve deep you will certainly discover something new.

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